iDeals vs Securedocs Comparison Review

Leading companies are investing to discover new ways to keep data safe and customer relationships as they research and buy products with the iDeals or Securedocs data room services.

The Best Comparison of iDeals vs Securedocs

iDeals offer third-party integrations, custom branding, and unlimited customer users on all of its plans. Multi-factor authentication is available on the platform and all plans have access to desktop widgets and sync protocols. Securedocs offers similar capabilities but takes a layered approach. Unlimited client users are not allowed, but the license is available to anyone who might need access to certain files. ShareFile will need the same configuration if the brand wants multiple people to use the platform at the same time.

Version control is available on both platforms, although iDeals tend to compromise on the underlying file-based software used, such as Word for document files. Both platforms also allow you to exchange almost any type of file. In this option, one virtual machine allows many users to work together. The administrator installs software common to all on the server, which is a big plus in terms of cost savings and ease of administration. He can also assign roles and user groups with different rights. For example, to highlight the accounting department, tellers, and client managers.

In practice, iDeals and Securedocs can be carried out in the buyer’s area in a variety of ways. On the one hand, we see cases where people devote several days and nights to researching an organization. On the other hand, when it comes to large financial transactions, we often find specialized external companies that carry out a comprehensive independent confirmation process regarding the buyer’s aspect on behalf of the client. This most often occurs in very specific areas (eg environmental impact assessments).

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that there are no mergers that are inherently equal in iDeals and Securedocs. In each specific case, we are initially talking about the merger of assets that are different in composition and market value, and, accordingly, a different degree of acquired control. As a rule, one of the parties to the transaction has a dominant position (within the merger process) due to its ownership of assets of higher value. In order to establish the parity of the parties to the merger transaction, the next stage in the merger is the consolidation process.

iDeals as the Leading Virtual Data Room Provider

Ideals are by far the most optimal choice among cloud managers due to their loyal policy towards users. This is almost the only service that offers almost unlimited basic features as part of a free service. On the other hand, iDeals are missing some details that could be key when choosing a cloud manager.

A distinctive feature of iDeals is the system “Business-Intellect: Document Management” is that in the form of documents in the system takes into account not only official documents but also tasks, orders, instructions, as well as the results of collective work of user groups. Thus, with the help of the system, it is possible to keep records not only of documents as such but also of different types of works and projects.

In addition, almost all modern VDRs, in contrast to public cloud storage, have two delivery options: “hosted” and “on-premises”, which allows you to use solutions and store data both at the service provider and within the organization.